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3D Space Simulator - Explore Our Galaxy and Beyond

Do You want to Explore Deep Space on Your Computer?

Space Simulator

Here is an amazing 3D space simulator software that will enable you to explore deep space in an awesome, 3-dimensional view on the monitor of your computer. You will be able to simulate a flight from the surface of the Earth to any destination in outer space. You will be able to travel in any direction, at any speed, and in any time in the present, past, or future!

You can simulate a flight from the surface of the Earth to the far reaches of the Milky Way galaxy and beyond. You can explore the Earth, the Moon, the planets, the moons of the planets, asteroids, comets, about 100 Solar-System destinations, about 60 newly-discovered extra-solar planets, and over 100,000 stars and celestial bodies in stunning, 3-dimensional views on the monitor of your laptop or PC. You can simulate a journey to any of these destinations in the Universe at hyper-speeds.

The data used by this space simulator comes from a real scientific database based on the Hipparcos Space Astrometry Mission, a mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) that was devoted to accurately measure the positions, distances, velocities, parallaxes and luminosities of 100,000+ stars and other celestial bodies. This software uses Hipparcos data along with computer instructions for the simulation of space journeys, calculating the past or future positions of various celestial bodies, etc. It uses the known data, sophisticated math, and computer instructions to do so within seconds.



50 Amazing Galaxy Pictures that You Must See

50 Amazing Galaxy Pictures that You Must See

50 Amazing Galaxy Pictures that You Must See

Which are the best space documentaries?

Galaxy Pictures - Amazing Pictures of Galaxies

Galaxy pictures: A video showing amazing pictures of galaxies captured by some of the most powerful telescopes of NASA, ESA and ESO. The music is ”Egmont Overture,” written by Beethoven and performed by Kevin MacLeod.

50 Amazing Galaxy Pictures that You Must See

Arp 273 - A Cosmic Rose formed by two Interacting Galaxies

The above picture shows Arp 273, a cosmic rose-shaped structure formed by the gravitational interaction of two galaxies

It is just one of the 50 amazing galaxy pictures that you must see. Click here for more.

Amazing Videos of Northern Lights and Southern Lights

Northern Lights over Alaska

Here are some amazing videos of the northern lights (aurora borealis) and the southern lights (aurora australis), with a brief explanation of what causes them: -

Spectacular International Space Station (ISS) Videos and Tours

The International Space Station

Here are the most spectacular views of the Earth, as seen from the International Space Station (ISS). Take a tour of the ISS to see what is inside, and how the Earth looks from an altitude of about 400 kilometers (250 miles) above the sea-level: -

Best Space Videos

Here is a large collection of some of the best space videos that you’ll love to watch and share. They are short and sweet: -

Russian Meteorite Blast Was 20-Hiroshimas Strong!

Feb 6
A Beautiful, WISE Image of the Orion Nebula 

A Beautiful, WISE Image of the Orion Nebula 

Evidence of Black Holes - How do we know that black holes exist?

Gravitational Lensing by a Black Hole

Since even light can’t escape a black hole, we can’t see them. So how do scientists say that they exist? Here are a few links that describe the evidence of black holes: -

1. “…Though we cannot ‘see’ a black hole itself (since not even light can escape the hole’s gravitational field), we may see the hole’s effects on nearby matter. For example, if gas from a nearby star were sucked towards the black hole, the intense gravitational energy would heat the gas to millions of degrees. The resulting X-ray emissions could point to the presence of the black hole. Or, if a massive black hole were surrounded by large amounts of orbiting material — gas, dust, even stars — their rapid motion close to the hole could be observable via shifts in the energy of the radiation they emit. Evidence along these lines is mounting, suggesting that black holes may not be that rare in the universe…”

2. “…While the black hole itself is invisible to the eye, the team proved its existence by tracking the motions of 28 stars circling around it. Just as swirling leaves caught in a gust of wind can provide clues about air currents, so the stars’ movements reveal information about forces at work at the galactic center…”

3. “…No object except for a black hole can have an event horizon, so evidence for its (event horizon’s) existence offers resounding proof of black holes in space…”

4. “Evidence for a Supermassive Black Hole in M87…”

5. “…Scientists verified the existence of the black holes by studying the speed of the clouds of gas orbiting those regions…”

6. “…So far black holes appear an unfalsifiable conclusion of the General Theory of Relativity: their properties are such that no radiation comes out of them so they cannot be detected from a distance… Doesn’t this contradict the basic requirement that a scientific theory be falsifiable? Well, no, General Theory of Relativity even in this one of its most extreme predictions is falsifiable. The saving circumstance is provided by the matter surrounding the black hole. All such stuff is continuously being dragged into the hole and devoured, but in the process it gets extremely hot and radiates light, ultraviolet radiation and X rays…”

7. “NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array, or NuSTAR, set its X-ray eyes on a spiral galaxy and caught the brilliant glow of two black holes lurking inside…”

NuSTAR discovers 2 Black Holes in IC 342,news-detail

8. How Do We Know Black Holes Exist?

What is Cosmic Inflation?

What is Dark Energy?

What is Dark Matter?